Ahnentafel between Robert Edward Jenkins and William Jenkins






--- 1st Generation ---


1.  Robert Edward JENKINS was born on 8 Jun 1952 at Hamburg, Fremont county, Iowa.



--- 2nd Generation ---


2.  Chester Ralph JENKINS was buried at Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa.  He was born on 4 Apr 1907 at Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa.  He died on 7 Feb 1967 at Omaha, Douglas county, Nebraska, at age 59.



--- 3rd Generation ---


4.  George Edward JENKINS was buried at Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa.  He was born on 17 Dec 1872 at Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa.  He married Minerva Emily FANNIN, daughter of John Allgood FANNIN and Margaret Jane YOWELL, on 11 Dec 1894 at Sidney, Iowa.  He died on 1 Jul 1953 at Iowa City, Johnson county, Iowa, at age 80.



--- 4th Generation ---


8.  William Louvis JENKINS Jenkins, William L., livery, feed and sale stable, P.O. Sidney; born in Fairfield county, Ohio, January 24,1838.  When six years of age moved with his parents to Clark county, Illinois, where he grew to manhood.  In 1856 he engaged with the Western Stage company, driving for them in Illinois and Iowa, until 1865, when he located in Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa.  IN 1873 he was appointed deputy sheriff of the county, which position he filled until January, 1880.   He was married to Miss L. J. Jones, of Maryland, February 1, 1863.  They have four children: Frank, Edith, Harry, and George Edward.  Mr. Jenkins is a member of the I.O.O.F. from http://www.genhist.com/IaBios/ (per the 1850 Federal cenusus for Clark county Illinois, William, son of Cornelius, was 16 years old in 1850, therefore, he would have been  born in 1834 but in the 1900 iowa fremont county census he was listed as 62, therefore, he would have been born in 1838).  He was buried at Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa.  He was born on 24 Jan 1838 at Pleasant Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.  He married Lucinda Jane JONES, daughter of Walter JONES, on 1 Feb 1863 at Sidney, Iowa.  He died in 1903 at Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa.



--- 5th Generation ---


16.  Cornelius JENKINS The 1860 census for Clark county Illinois, shows Cornelius as age 54, and shows his occupation as  Blacksmith.  He was buried at Martinsville, Clark county, Illinois.  He was born on 15 Mar 1806 at Virginia.  He married Elizabeth CARY, daughter of John CARY, on 2 Jul 1829 at Walnut Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.  He died on 31 Aug 1882 at age 76.



--- 6th Generation ---


32.  William JENKINS HISTORY OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY                                     CHAPTER XVIII.                               THE WAR OF 1812            Though war with. England was not formally declared by Congress       until June 18, 1812, history shows that a company of infantry was       mustered in Fairfield county in the month of April of the same year,       to operate on the northern border against the British.  The company       was recruited by the late General George Sanderson, with headquarters       at Lancaster. When the company started for the frontier, it numbered       forty-two; and was officered as follows: Captain, George Sanderson;       First Lieutenant, David McCabe; ensign, Isaac Larimar; sergeants,       John Vanmeter, John Smith, James Larimar and Isaac Winter; cor-       porals, James White, Daniel Hudson, Robert Cunningham and William       Wallace.            Privates, George Baker, William Brubeck, Daniel Baker, Robert       Cunningham, John Dungan, John Davis, William Edmunds, Reese       Fitzpatrick, John Hiles, Christopher Hiles, Thomas Hardy, Philip       Hines, Archibald Darnell,  **  William Jenkins, **   Samuel Johnson, Isaac       Finkbone, John Kerley, Joseph Loveland, John Collins, Charles Mar-       tins, John McIntire, Jacob Monteith, James Monteith, Jacob Mellon,       Daniel Miller, William McDonald, William McClung, Henry Martin,       William Nelson, Joseph Oburn, Cornelius Post, William Kay, John       Swiler, Daniel Smith, Jacob Sharp, Thomas Short, Samuel Work,       Joseph Wheston, Henry Shoupe, John Huffman, Samuel Nolan, in all       fifty-three.            This entire company, with all its officers, was included in the sur-       render of General Hull, when in front of Detroit, August 16, 1812,       and were paroled by order of the British General Brock, then in com-       mand of the post, not to take up arms against the British army until       regularly exchanged, which exchange did not take place until in May,       1812.            This surrender of the American forces under the command of Gen-       eral Hull, including all the military stores and munitions of war within       his department, was in violation of the best judgment of his officers,       who solemnly affirmed there existed no necessity for it, and at the same       time so enraged the soldiers, that subsequently many ot them disre-       garded their parol, and re-enlisted.   The majority of the Fairfield       county men subsequently re-entered the service, and remained in it       until the close of the war, including Captain Sanderson.            In April, 1813, Captain Sanderson recruited a second company,       partly from Fairfield county, and partly from Franklin county, Dele-       ware county and the Western Reserve, numbering, when they struck       tent to march to the front, one hundred and fifty-seven men. This       company served until the close of the war, and was honorably dis-       charged.            The first company commanded by Captain Sanderson, and which       marched from Lancaster in April, 1812, formed a part of Colonel Lewis       Cass's Regiment of Ohio Volunteers. There was another company,       which was in part recruited in Fairfield but of which very little infor-       mation is to be obtained. The company was attached to Colonel Paul's       regiment of Twenty-Seventh United States Infantry.            They were honorably discharged at Detroit, in 1814. Accident       placed in the hands of Dr. Scott an old blank book, which was purchased       with a lot of odds and ends at the executor's sale of the effects       of the late venerable John Leist, one mile west of Amanda, by a son of       the late Williarn Graham, of Hocking township. It is a journal in       diary form of a third company of Infantry recruited in Fairfield county,       with headquarters at Lancaster. The company was commanded by       Capt. Jesse D. Courtright; John Leist, First Lieutenant; but no other       officers or other specifications of the constitution of the company are       written in the memorandum. The record seems to have been kept by       one, Samuel Taylor, probably an orderly sergeant. The Journal opens       thus. 'Rendezvoused at Lancaster, on the 26th day of August, 1812,       for a six months tour on an expedition towards Canada.'            The record then proceeds in the form of a regular kept diary, giving       particulars of the daily marches and encampments, until the Maumee       country is reached, when it terminates abruptly with this brief       paragraph.            'General Harrison arrived at the rapids, and started next day with       a thousand men, commanded by General Perkins, to reinforce General       Winchester. They did not get far, when they met some of Winches-       ter's men, who told them that Winchester's army was all taken prisoner,       or killed.'            There was also a rifle company organized in 1812, numbering from       eighty to one hundred strong, raised chiefly along Ewing's Run, and       north of Lancaster, marching first to Upper Sandusky, where they       were encamped for some time. What part they further enacted in       hostile movements, does not appear.            They enlisted for six months, and at the expiration of this time they       were honorably discharged.            This company was commanded by Captain David Ewing, Thomas       Ewing, First Lieutenant and John Burton Second Lieutenant. (source:    http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~tfisher/fphpart3chap18.htm).  He was buried at Pleasant Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.  He was born on 4 Dec 1780 at Virginia.  He died on 10 Jan 1870 at Pleasant Township, Fairfield County, Ohio, at age 89.