Jenkins Family of Bethersden, Kent ,England and Scituate, Ma.


Edward Jenkins baptized 12-14-1617 at St. Margarets, Bethersden and died at Scituate,Ma. 1699, father Edward probably born about 1580 and may descend from a William Jenkyn born 1488 at Folkstone , Kent, through one of 3 sons ; Thomas b1510, William b1518, or Henry b1525. These 3 seem to be the patriarchs of the majority of Jenkins in the Weald of Kent and Isle of Thanet. William 1488 has been described as the son of a "Jenkyn" of the North" meaning North of the Medway River. He could be a descendant of a family of Jankyn who were at Rochester from 1300 to late 1400s. It is possible that Jenkyn/Jankyn of Kent go back to a Janekyn De Sancto Johan, whose name is recorded at Oxfordshire 1260 or a Richard Janekyn at Sussex 1290. Edward Jenkins 1617 had 4 siblings, 2 sisters Elizabeth and Anne died young, a sister Mary 1623 and a brother Henry 1620 seemed to have survived , but have found no further info. as yet. Edward Jenkins came to Scituate , Mass. 1634 on the ship "Hercules " as a servant of Nathaniel Tilden ,former Mayor of Tenterden. He married Lettice[Hanford] Foster widow of Edward Foster about 1644 and they had 4 children; Samuel,Sarah, Mary, and Thomas all born before 1653. My direct line is from Thomas b1653 and is as follows ,all at Scituate . I am not going into any great detail and will give a brief synopsis. Thomas Jenkins married Martha [Ripley ?] and had 3 children Thomas, Hannah, and Edward 1685. Thomas is buried at "Men of Kent" cemetery in Scituate. Edward Jenkins 1685 married Martha Damon and had 11 children. Of which Samuel 1710-1805, married Rebecca White 1740

Samuel and Rebecca had 11 children and of these Caleb born 1758 married Elizabeth Tilson. 1791 and they had 8 children. Of these Caleb Morton Jenkins Sr born 1802 married Debrah Foster Waterman 1822.

Caleb Morton and Deborah had 2 sons Caleb Morton Jenkins Jr 1823 and Peleg 1827. Caleb Morton Sr. died at sea 1827 a few months before son Peleg was born. Peleg also died at sea at 17 years of age. Caleb Morton Jenkins Jr. married Jane Parsons Northey 1844 and they had 17 children. I am in possession of a photo of Caleb and Jane about 1890 with 12 of their children. Of their children Caleb Turner Jenkins Sr. was born 1848. Caleb Turner Jenkins Sr. married Hannah Bowker and had 3 children , one was Caleb Turner Jr. born 1878 died 1951.

Caleb Turner Jr. married Ellen F.[Nellie] Mahoney of Ballydehob, Cork Ireland 1906 and they had 3 children. Of these my father Charles Frances born 1915 died 1975, married Mary Ellen Gallagher of Londonderry, No. Ireland and had 4 children still living. 2 died young. I, Daniel George Jenkins was born 1945 and married Jean McAdams 1966 and we have 6 children and 14 grandchildren. All maternal ancestors outside of my mother and gr.mother , have family roots going back to Colonial Period of Plymouth Colony and from there back to England.

Additional Information

Due to finding a document at the Scituate archives dated 2-28- 1706/7 book C1, page 256, wherein it states in a record of the Selectman/Committee that Thomas Jenkins and wife Annah are sueing for 80 acres of land in Annahs'
right , in the right of John Lewis and that said John Lewis was a ratable inhabitant of Scituate during the land division of 1644. They lost and committee said John Lewis was fully rewarded in division with 22 acres.
This discovery verified some mentions I had found early in my research regarding a wife Hannah/Anna before wife Abigail Steele , but raised questions about the supposed wife Martha as mentioned by Deane. I decided to revisit the issue and have come up with the following after a thorough search of records at Scituate, Boston, NEHGS,Mass. State Archives , Morman site, and other online resources. I cannot find 1 documented instance of a Martha? Jenkins in any deed,will,probate, court, or vital record. The only instances are Deane and other Historians which used his work.
Mary[Farnsworth] Ripley, dau.of Joseph Farnsworth of Dorchester, and Abraham Ripley had no daughter named Annah,Hannah, or Martha. I think early in my research I found the Martha Ripley in a undocumented patron submitted entry and copied it , not knowing the only entries which can be trusted are those with a batch number preceeded by a P. M, C. and those should be verified by originating docs.

I have found 4 docs. including the one mentioned above which names Annah/Hannah as wife of Thomas Jenkins born 1653 , son of Edward.
Thomas and Hannah are listed as members of the 2nd. Church, Norwell in 1708 per church records.

They are a deed written 3-13-1693 vol. 18, page 199 Suffolk County in which Thomas and wife Anna deed land at Broadcove , Hingham to Enoch Witon formerly land of Thomas Howit/Hewitt.

A deed written 2-9-1703 vol. 4, page 183 Plymouth County land in Scituate, Thomas Jenkins and wife Hannah to Peter Collamore.

A mortgage instrument written 11-25-1718 Plymouth County by Thomas Jenkins and wife Anna to Ben. Lynde,John Turner,David Rogers,Henry Somersby and Walter Price calling for annual payments to 1726.

I also found a deed written by a John Lewis [blacksmith] and wife Hannah
4-1-1693 vol. 18 page 112 Suffolk County for 14 acres at Glad Tidings in Hingham to Theo. Cushing. Recorded at Boston April 5, 1698.

This last deed postdates the deed of 3-13-1693 Thomas and Anna, so Anna/Hannah could not be the wife of this John Lewis but may be his daughter and if John Lewis and wife had died by 1706 and left no sons , then possibly
a dau. would have got his lands, unusual for the times but possible if she was married and had no brothers.

John Lewis 1602, the Brother of George Lewis had 3 sons by his 2nd wife Alice[Mattock] Bishop widow, but not one named John, yet 2 Suffolk deeds
1662 and 1669 he is named as John Lewis Sr.
I surmise that the John Lewis with wife Hannah 1693 is an unknown son of John Lewis 1602 , either by first wife Sarah Meed or 2nd wife Alice.

This doesn't settle the issue ,whether Thomas Jenkins had a first wife Martha ? completely , but seeing that Thomas named his first child Hannah I am somewhat compelled to think that Anna/Hannah was his first wife and the mother of his children. Deanes listing a Daniel as son of Thomas 1685 is also dubious as there is no baptism for him as there is for other 3 , Hannah, Thomas, Edward in church records, nor any other record. Daniel is probably the son of Samuel Jenkins , as is Mary ,the 2 grandchildren mentioned in Edwards will 1699. Samuel was the formerly unknown son of Edward and Lettice and now is completely documented by marriage and inheritance records, Samuel is clearly listed in a document signed by Edward and Lettice Jenkins 1666 regarding inheritance from Timothy Hatherly, the uncle of Lettice. Hope this all helps.
I will continue with search .

Dan Jenkins

I am open to more research on this.

My grandmother Ellen F.[Nellie]Mahoney born 1879 at Ballydehob , Cork, Ireland was the dau. of Timothy Mahoney and Mary[Mahoney]Mahoney. Marriage not found as yet. She had siblings Kate b1875,Jeremiah b1878,Timothy 1883, and Daniel date not found, but proven by other records.

My mother Mary Ellen Gallagher was born at Londonderry No. Ireland,1920 dau. of Daniel Gallagher and 2nd. wife Catherine McCool and w was baptised
at St. Columbas , Longtower Parish. Daniel Gallagher was born 1874 at
Londonderry and was the son of Daniel Gallagher bap. 1-18-1841 and Annie Maguire married 3-31-1869 . Other children were Patrick 12-12-1869,Thomas
1-3-1871,Mary5-5-1873 all were baptised at St. Columbas. Daniel Gallagher
1841 was likely the son of Patrick Gallagher and Ellen Logue married 1825 at Londonderry. [unverified at this time] My mother had a sister Kathleen who married a Lionel Wilson of Scarborough , England , she deceased 1988 and he deceased 2002 , no children. My mother also had a half brother Daniel by an earlier marriage of her father Daniel to maybe a Sarah Green. Brother Daniel migrated to Australia near Perth and married a Kathleen Mabel Gale abt 1960 and left 4 children. Contact with them was lost about 25 years ago and have not been able to locate these cousins as yet.