Information about Gene F. Jenkins Ancestor


My oldest known Jenkins ancestor is Archibald Jenkins (Jinkins).
He was born c. 1785, probably in Virginia (maybe Tennessee).
He married Nancy Jane Jenkins (Jinkins), said to be his second cousin,
in Shenandoah County, Va., July 20, 1807.
Archibald served in the War of 1812, in Captain Hale's Company,
the Tennessee Militia. He entered the war November 13, 1814, and was
discharged May 18, 1815.
He moved to Lawrence County, Ohio, c. 1820.  He was a farmer.
He died in Lawrence County, February 12, 1860.
The Jenkins line to me include:
Nathan b. July, 1819, in Ohio  m. Hannah Webb,1845.
Elias b. March, 1846, in Ohio  m. Sarah Elizabeth Corn, 1868.
Newton Alva b. April, 1880, in Ohio  m. Myrtle Mae Cline, 1906.
Bert Alva b. June, 1913, in Lawton, Oklahoma  m. Thelma Edythe Galyean, 1937.
Bert is my father.