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Our research has discovered that many people in the project are decended from a fairly small number of large Jenkins Familes. Once we have discovered multiple descendants from a family we can confirm the likely Y Chromosone DNA signature of that founder. Once this is accomplished we have established as a goal , identifying all the Jenkins surnamed descendants of that founder. In this way new participants can use the DNA data in conjunction with our geneaological research to establish their connection to the family.

Each founder identified should have a "sponsor" who is responsible for maintaining the data on this founder.

Thus far we have established a number of "founder" Jenkins.

Founder D N A   S i g
t u r e       F T D N A         Sponsor
William Jenkins 1675-1720 Rappahanok VA 13 23 14 10 11 14 12 12 12 13 14 29 18 9 10 11 11 24 15 19 30 15 15 16 18 Lew Jenkins