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The purpose of this project is to provide a forum for research of the family name JENKINS and it's variants. For many years researchers have had questions about the relationship of the many Jenkins families found in North America and throughout the world. It has been sometimes impossible to find documentation linking these many familes.

The answer is the use of a relatively new process in genealogy. DNA is a process discovered by scientists that has become an excellant aid as an identification tool for law enforcement, matching patients for transplants, and now to help genealogists determine family lines. The tests can be performed using mouth swabs. The process usually takes 5-7 weeks for the test to be run in a lab and the results known.

Project Objectives

The Y chomosome is passed from father to son unchanged except for a mutation about every 500 generations. Testing the Y chomosome will provide you with genetic finger print consisting of 12 or 25 numbers. By comparing this fingerprint to others with the JENKINS surname, we can determine if they are related. The participants must be the direct male descendent of our JENKINS ancestor. If your JENKINS ancestor was female, then you must find a male JENKINS cousin to be the genetic representative of your JENKINS line.

Our objective for the project is:

1. Indentify others who are related
2. Prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors
3. Solve brick walls in your research
4. Determine a location for further research
5. Validate existing research

The Test

We chose to do our testing. You can select either the 12, 25 or 37 marker Y Chormosone test. The 12 markers are sufficient to determine whether or not 2 people are related, but we have found the 25 marker test to be more useful for genealogical puposes The project price for the 12 marker test is $99.00 plus $2.00 postage. Individuals are considered related for the 12 marker test if they match 12/12, 11/12, and sometimes 10/12.

Participants can then upgrade to the 25 marker test for an additional $90.00. In the first 2 matches, it is recommended to upgrade. The objective of the 25 marker is to reduce the time frame of the common ancestor of the two individuals. The common ancestor is also referred to as the Most Recent Common Ancestor or MRCA.

Participants can start with the 25 marker test for our group rate of $169.00 plus postage. The 25 marker test provides a higher resolution match and has been selected by many participants.


The DNA test Results

The DNA tests have begun to come in and are providing some exciting information even at this early date . So far we have found Jenkins from 4different HAPLOGROUPS including R1b, R1a , I1a and J2. Click below to go to the results page


Our Ancestors

It now appears that we have identified the DNA signature of the Y chromosone of the founder of a number of very large JENKINS families. Our JENKINS META-FAMILES PROJECT is attempting to build a comprehesive geneaolgy for each of these families by identifying all the descendants of these founders.

Thus far we have identified the following Jenkins Founder familes: To see the descendant information click the name.

William Jenkins 1675-1720 Rappahanok County Virginia USA



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Questions And Answers

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Please join us in our search.

If you would like to be a member of our project and you are a direct male descendent JENKINS, Click Here

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